The first ever L2E game in the Solana blockchain

Get your very own digital pet and treat it as how you treat your fur babies in real life. Feed them, groom them, play with them, and tuck them into their beds. Only difference is, you get to earn by simply keeping them alive!

FurrSols #23

FurrSols are unique and randomly generated NFTs that live in the Solana blockchain. These digital pets get you immersed into the FurrWorld where you get to earn by taking care of them.

The pixel art version of FurrSols is only the beginning. In the near future, you’ll get your hands on a 3D version and play the game while on-the-go with the mobile app.

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Q1 2022

Create and Generate FurrSols NFT

It all starts with the vision of the Furr world. The initial supply of the collection will be ❓ pieces. There will be 4 classes and each NFT will have a set of traits. Each trait will have a corresponding value to an attribute of a FurrSol. You can read more about these in the Classes & Seasons, and Traits sections in the whitepaper.

Q1 2022

Game Demo Development

Simultaneous with the creation of NFTs, the game demo will be developed. This should give you a good idea of how the game is played and the amount of FLUFF tokens an individual can potentially earn. This will be playable in the DevNet environment of Solana.

Q1 2022

The FurrSols Community

Once we are in a good place to showcase the NFTs and the game demo, we will start building a community. This includes the creation of a Discord server with exclusive invites to the first 1,000 members (OG Furr). This will be the primary go-to platform for any information or announcements about the project.

Q1 2022

Whitepaper and Roadmap

At this point, we intend to share our whitepaper and roadmap to the public. Early joiners in the discord already have access to these.

Q1 2022

Marketing and Partnerships

We start getting the word out there! Partnerships and collaborations with different DAOs and projects happen in this phase. This includes scouting of potential investors for the seed and private sales of the FURR token. Our main goal during this phase is to build a bigger and stronger FurrSols community!

Q2 2022

FurrSols NFT Launch

Acquiring your own FurrSol. These adorable (or not so?) digital pets can be initially acquired through minting. We plan to have several phases of minting but may be changed in the future if necessary.

Q2 2022

Secondary Marketplace Listing

The collection will be made available in a secondary marketplace (preferably and exclusively on Magic Eden) until the FurrSols marketplace is implemented. It's never too late! If you missed out on the minting phases, you can buy one off of the secondary marketplace.

Q2 2022

FurrSols Tokenomics

The Governance Token (FURR) and Utility Token (FLUFF) will be implemented. In this phase, we will also start conducting seed sales, private sales, and IDO/IEO (public) sales of the FURR token.

Q2 2022

Fluff Airdrop to Delisted Holders

If you don't already know, you will need to spend some FLUFF to keep playing the game. A certain amount of FLUFF will be airdropped to holders who do not have their NFT listed in any secondary marketplace. The exact amount will be shared as we get closer to this phase.

Q2 2022

Development and Improvement

Continuous development and improvement of the official game will be done based on the feedback and observations from the game demo. The official game will also have a different look and feel with more features and functionalities added. More info will be announced as we move forward.

Q3 2022

Closed-Beta Release

A closed-beta round of the game will commence to ensure everything works smoothly and as expected. This is the testing ground, you will be able to play the game on Main-Net, only thing is, you won't be earning just yet. Participants during this round will be rewarded accordingly upon the official launch of the game.

Q3 2022

Official Game Launch

The game will finally be open to everyone and you can now start earning! Those who have participated in the closed-beta round will be rewarded half the amount of FLUFF token earned carried onto the official game.

Q4 2022

Breeding System Development

It doesn't stop there! Obviously, the initial supply won't be enough for hundreds of thousands (or even millions?) of people who will want to get into the game. Thus, a breeding system will be developed to produce more FurrSols!

Q4 2022

FurrSols Marketplace

A marketplace exclusive for trading FurrSols will be developed. We envision the marketplace to be your one-stop-shop with all the details you need to pick the best FurrSol for you! At this point, FurrSols will be removed from any other third-party secondary marketplace listing.

DISCLAIMER: Anything in the roadmap may be changed in the future if deemed necessary.



Governance Token

The FurrGem (FURR) tokens live in the Solana blockchain and serves as the governance token of FurrSols. The token may be earned as seasonal rewards from the game and from contests or events to be held in the future.

There are currently 2 use cases of the FURR token. In order to breed a FurrSol, you will need some FURR. For more information about breeding, go to the Breeding page in our whitepaper. You may also use FURR to purchase powerups, check The FurrMart for more information.

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30% Ecosystem
24% Development Team
15% Liquidity Pool
10% Marketing
10% Private Sale
5% Seed Sale
2% Team Advisors

Total Supply: 50 000 000 FURR

Each allocation of the governance token has its own vesting period.

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  • Blockchain:
  • FurrSols Fluff
  • 18
  • SPL
  • Uncapped
  • Solana


Utility Token

The FLUFF token is what players will primarily be earning in the game. Our goal is to create and maintain a balance mint and burn ratio of the token. The only way to earn FLUFF (at least for now) is to keep your FurrSols alive.

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